East Clarendon Chapel

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East Clarendon Chapel
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1976 Historical Survey
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Historic Structures surveyed in 1970's
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Built by the Union Chapel Society of Clarendon in 1890 this church on Airport Road has not been actively used since 1956.  It was subsequently moved to its present location from a site near the East Clarendon School.  Championed by volunteer John Parker, major repairs needed to save the building were done in the 2002 - 2014 timefame.  See the entry East Clarendon Chapel Renewed 2014 in this collection for more on that.  The building is currently mothballed. 

Details of the historic survey for this building can be found at the link above. This link will take you to the entry for this church on the Preservation in Pink site showing some close up detail of the structure. 

In 2018 a service was held at the chapel.  The open invitation can be seen here

The Dec. 17, 1995 newspaper article below makes note of the chapel. 

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